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A simple COM based library which can be used to add GPS support to your Windows applicationsThe GPSCom was designed to be a simple COM based library which can be used to add GPS support to your Windows applications. GPSCom is a standard COM EXE developed in ATL in VC 2005 SP1.This component is intended as a complete replacement for the existing GPSLib dll developed by the author. GPSCom internally uses an advanced ATL class called IConnectionPointImplMT. This module is licensed differently than GPSCom and is freeware, that is you are free to use it under the standard licensing conditions for my freeware source code. Please note that all the other modules inside of GPSCom are not open source.Here are some key features of "GPSCom":?d¬DSdu Can be used by any development environment which supports calling an out of process COM object.?d¬DSdu Can be used by early or late bound clients i.e. COM development environments which do not use type libraries such as ASP, VBScript and JScript are fully compatible with GPSCom.?d¬DSdu Allows connections to GPS devices to be shared between multiple clients i.e. multiple client processes can share the one connection to the receivers serial port !!.?d¬DSdu A COM collection is provided to allow clients to enumerate existing connections which they can then connect to. This allows VB clients for example to use the "For Each" collection syntax.?d¬DSdu Alternatively, clients can open up a new connection and specify that the connection is not to be made sharable.?d¬DSdu COM Connection points are provided in the library to allow client apps to be notified in real time of incoming GPS NMEA sentences.?d¬DSdu Client apps can also poll the connection for the NMEA information if they so desire.?d¬DSdu Support for Unknown NMEA sentences.?d¬DSdu Supports any standard GPS device which supports the NMEA 0183 standard and which presents its data on a Windows Serial Port.Limitations:?d¬DSdu GPSCom is shareware and this trial version is a fully functional evaluation copy. This means that you are free to evaluate GPSCom for up to 30 days. After this period if you are still using GPSCom and/or wish to include it in a project of yours, then you are legally obliged to register GPSCom with the author.

A simple COM based library which can be used ... GPSCom 1.

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