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easyReportPDF is a library for developers to create Reports in PDF from any data source. Its based on the award winning aspEasyPDF library for rendering fast PDF documents trough the WEB and being optimized to use it on any application development that needs to use real-time Data Reporting by connecting to a database server. But what really differs from aspEasyPDF library? We have simplified aspEasyPDF, added database connection, fast scripting interpretation and finally report rendering features, The result is that you design the report with VisualEasyPDF, which is a product designed for data reporting ( included on the license ), saves the report and run it from your application without coding a line for the report. No other library makes it easier, take a look on the tutorials to learn more. Key features PDF Reports Native PDF rendering by including the aspEasyPDF library inside the easyReportPDF which results a fast real-time PDF Data Reporting library. Design reports easyReportPDF includes a license of VisualEasyPDF to develop the reports. You dont need to code your application to render the report, just set the report file and render it directly to the printer. Parameters Create user parameters and automatically ask the user to input the value. The report will react with the user input data and will show the correct information that has requested for. Grouping and Auto Sum Create up to 10 grouping level bands. Select a field and set summary field, at the end of your report you will get the summarized total. You dont have to take care in the script to code for totalized fields. Scripting You need that the report reacts to certain values when rendering it, then just code with our fast scripting technology and debug it with VisualEasyPDF before posting the report to avoid any error. Fast Maintenance Found an error on your report and need to solve it fast, the reports may be altered directly trough the server

easyReportPDF is a library for developers to ...

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  • EasyReportPDF
  • 1.16
  • John Lohmeyer
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 6.22 Mb
  • 114
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