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This package provides a light-weight and fast COM component for Visual Basic 6 and ASP developers. Gives you access to the Windows .INI configuration file API. You can not only read and write entries in any file, but also enumerate the sections available, the keys in each section and even retrieve the complete section text.

Almost any simple data type can be written to the .INI file. The data will be passed as a VARIANT argument and the ::VariantChangeType() API is then used to handle coercion between the fundamental types. When data is read from the .INI file, a string is always returned. You may convert the data afterwards. for WindowsAll

This package provides a light-weight and fast ...

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  • EasyINI
  • New
  • 09 Jun 12
  • Bjarke Viksoe
  • WindowsAll
  • Freeware
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