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The DirTree ActiveX Control was developed to display a hierarchical list of directories and paths at run time. You can create dialog boxes that, for example, enable a user to open a file from a list of files in all available directories.After creating a DirTreeView control, you can manipulate Node objects by setting properties and invoking methods. You can programmatically expand and collapse Node objects to display or hide all child nodes. Four events, the Collapse, Expand, NodeClick, and NodeDblClick event, also provide programming functionality.You can navigate through a tree in code by retrieving a reference to Node objects using Root, Parent, Child, FirstSibling, Next, Previous, and LastSibling properties. Users can navigate through a tree using the keyboard as well. UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys cycle downward through all expanded Node objects. Node objects are selected from left to right, and top to bottom. At the bottom of a tree, the selection jumps back to the top of the tree, scrolling the window if necessary.RIGHT ARROW and LEFT ARROW keys also tab through expanded Node objects, but if the RIGHT ARROW key is pressed while an unexpanded Node is selected, the Node expands; a second press will move the selection to the next Node. Conversely, pressing the LEFT ARROW key while an expanded Node has the focus collapses the Node. If a user presses an ANSI key, the focus will jump to the nearest Node that begins with that letter. Subsequent pressings of the key will cause the selection to cycle downward through all expanded nodes that begin with that letter.NOTE:You can use this software royalty-free for private (non-commercial) purposes.

The DirTree ActiveX Control was developed to ... Displays a hierarchical list of directories and paths at run time.

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