DXVUMeterNET v.3.0.5


DXVUMeterNET is a .NET 2.0 class library, which can monitor any audio device configured as a recording source, such as a Microphone, CD, Line in, etc... and display the monitored audio levels like a standard VU Meter, as an Oscilloscope (waveform) or even display the audio in the frequency domain (FFT) using various display modes (line, filled graph, bars, led bars or even a color spectrum). Each style is highly configurable, specially the FFT display which provides features only found on professional equipment: 10 windowing functions, including Kaisser-Bessel, Hanning, Welch, Gauss, and more, FFT sizes from 128 up to 8192 bands, logarithmic scales and zooming, graph-smoothing, ability to hold peaks and valleys and display the dynamic range of the frequency response and as if this werent enough, DXVUMeterNET provides the ability to perform DTMF detection. DXVUMeterNET uses the latest version of DirectX to provide an extremly smooth and highly accurate display with very low CPU consumption. Other sample applications include a silence detector which demonstrates how you can use DXVUMeterNET to detect silences (gaps) in the audio being monitored. Another sample application is the DXVUMeterNET AGC which is a very cool application that acts as an Automatic Gain Control for Winamp! DXVUMeterNET is also able to save the monitored audio to a WAV or MP3 (using the LAME encoder) file and since it uses a circular (or infinite) buffer theres no limit on the amount of audio that can be captured. Of course, DXVUMeterNET can also playback any uncompressed WAV file. This release provides basic access to the sound cards recording mixer allowing you to select the recording source (CD, Mic, Stereo Mix, etc...) and set its volume.

DXVUMeterNET is a .NET 2.0 class library, ...

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  • DXVUMeterNET
  • 3.0.5
  • xFX JumpStart
  • Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Shareware
  • 1.68 Mb
  • 318
  • $35.00

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