Chilkat C++ Libraries for VC v.7.0


Best selling Zip compression component with loads of features and extremely easy to use. Features: New:Callbacks for zip/unzip progress monitoring. Zip an entire directory tree. Append entries to a Zip from in-memory data. Create or open in-memory Zips. Create self-extracting executables. Create password-protected Zip files. Unzip only files that match a filename pattern. Option to discard path information when zipping. Option to append a path prefix when zipping. Option to create self-extracting EXEs with or without interfaces. Ability to customize icon and interface when creating an EXE. Ability to specify an auto-run file when creating an EXE. Ability to specify a pre-defined unzip directory for an EXE. Handles Unicode filenames. Provides in-memory access to compressed or uncompressed data. Easy FirstEntry/NextEntry methods for iterating over a Zip. Can embed Zips in your own EXEs. OpenMyEmbedded opens the Zip that has been embedded in the callers EXE. Set exclusion patterns when zipping. Option to specify a target directory and discard path information when unzipping. Can unzip only files that are newer. Read/write comments within a Zip. Ability to inflate directly to in-memory byte array or string. Can read/write Zips with Chilkat-AES or WinZip-compatible AES encryption. Includes a GZip class to create or decompress the .gz file format. Includes a Unix compress class to create or decompress the .Z file format using LZW compression.

Best selling Zip compression component with ...

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  • Chilkat C++ Libraries for VC
  • 7.0
  • Chilkat Software, Inc.
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 28.04 Mb
  • 211
  • $149.00

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