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Better ListView will help you conveniently replace the standard .NET listview. Major Features:Better behavior and fixed bugs:Some events fire twice bug - FixedSelection behavior different from Windows Explorer - Fixed, Behaves as expectedDrag & Drop behavior different from Windows Explorer - Fixed, Behaves as expectedCheckboxes do not stay in the first column when the first column is reordered - Fixed, Behaves as expectedNon-standard checkboxes behavior (e.g. when using spacebar) - FixedNon-standard look, incompatible with system themes - Fixed, Always uses system theme. Looks great on all Windows versions. Works with Windows 7 themes and AeroRemoved limitations:Just one image per item - Enhanced, Each sub-item can have imageImageList must be used to display images - Both ImageList and Image instances can be usedSimple sorting only - Multi-column sorting, Users can use Shift+Click to add additional columns to the sortThree-state checkboxes not supported - Support for both two-state and three-state check boxesVery limited event data - Enhanced, Many events have rich event data with useful informationOnly 1 context menu for whole ListView - Up to 3 separate context menus: One for column headers, one for items, and one for empty areaColumns can be shown only in "Details" layout - Columns can be shown in all layoutsOnly "SmallIcon" and "LargeIcon" size supported - Images can be of any sizeImage size is static - Images are scaled and centered smoothly when necessary while keeping their respective aspect ratiosColumn header images are not supported - Both ImageList and custom Image instances can be set for column headersCustom comparer for sorting has to be implemented from scratch - Custom comparer can be inherited from BetterListView"s default comparer to extend its functionality, Any custom IComparer is supported as wellSub-item images very limited, Usable only via WinAPI with limitations in size and color depth - Images for sub-item fully supported (both ImageList and custom Image instances)Check boxes do not have animation effect like the standard control - Check boxes are animated when used with mouse or keyboard the same way as the CheckBox controlSearching with keyboard only on first column and limited to string prefixes - Keyboard searching can be used on columns of choice and the searching behavior can be further adjusted (any substring, character-based or word-based search)Only simple item tooltips supported - Automatic and customizable tooltips on items, sub-items and columns are supportedCan scroll to just one item - One or several items can be specified to be scrolled into viewVista-look only with WinAPI extension - Visual elements are used by defaultNo Drag & Drop item highlighting - Items under cursor are properly highlighted during dragging, Highlighting can be switched off for selected itemsExtra features:No empty text support (watermark text when ListView is empty) - Added support, Empty text for empty ListView is supported, You can give hint to your users nowNo inbuilt sort - Added inbuilt sort support, Zero-code sortingNo auto-scroll when reordering items - Added, Auto-scroll speed can be adjustedNo auto-scroll when reordering columns - Added, Auto-scroll speed can be adjustedNo inbuilt item/column reordering - Added item/column reordering support, Zero-code reorderingNo auto-scroll when dragging an item - Added, Auto-scroll speed can be adjustedComplex data binding not supported - Support for complex data binding, Any IList, DataSet, DataTable or several other types can be bound directly to the Better ListViewRequirements:Microsoft .net framework 2.0

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