AsyncMongo v.0.1.2


AsyncMongo is an asynchronous library for accessing mongo which is built on the tornado ioloop.InstallationInstalling: pip install asyncmongoInstalling form github: pip install -e git:// from source: git clone git://; cd asyncmongo; python installUsageimport asyncmongoimport tornado.webclass Handler(tornado.web.RequestHandler): @property def db(self): if not hasattr(self, '_db'): self._db = asyncmongo.Client(pool_id='mydb', host='', port=27107, maxcached=10, maxconnections=50, dbname='test') return self._db @tornado.web.asynchronous def get(self): self.db.users.find({'username': self.current_user}, limit=1, callback=self._on_response) # or # conn = self.db.connection(collectionname="...", dbname="...") # conn.find(..., callback=self._on_response) def _on_response(self, response, error): if error: raise tornado.web.HTTPError(500) self.render('template', full_name=respose['full_name'])

AsyncMongo is an asynchronous library for ...

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