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The anImage Control was designed to display a graphic on the Form. An anImage control can display a graphic from an animated GIF, animated cursor (.ani), or AVI files.The control inherit from Animation Control and then can play only AVI files that have no sound; in addition, the anImage control can display only uncompressed.avi files or .avi files that have been compressed using Run-Length Encoding (RLE).The anImage control can contain controls placed on it by the developer or the end user at the control's run time. You can also use a anImageImage to subdivide a form functionally - for example, to separate groups of OptionButton controls. To make an anImage control automatically resize to display an entire graphic, set its AutoSize property to True.To group controls, in design time first draw the anImage control, and then draw the controls inside the control. This enables you to move the anImage and the controls it contains together. If you draw a control outside the anImage and then try to move it inside, the control will be on top of the anImage and you'll have to move the anImage and controls separately.Contained controls placed on a anImage control with a transparent background are only visible where their location overlaps any constituent controls. Mouse events will be passed to the contained control only if they occur where the contained control is visible.NOTE: You can use this software royalty-free for private (non-commercial) purposes.

The anImage Control was designed to display a ... Can display a graphic from an animated GIF, animated cursor (.

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