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Implement full PDF and XPS creation, conversion and editing capabilities into your .NET applicationsThe Amyuni PDF Creator is a powerful tool designed to enable software developers to perform the following operations:- View, edit, annotate and print PDF documents- Fill-out and create PDF forms- Create complex documents, forms and reports linked, or not, to a database while using the standard PDF format as opposed to a proprietary format.PDF Creator .NET is based on our internal developments and does not rely on external libraries such as Ghostscript. Licensing and distribution are hassle-free and developers are not required to license any external technology in order to distribute our tools.Automatic installation software is provided for an even easier installation without end-user interaction. Instead of printing to a standard printer, you will just select our printer. A file will be generated, which you can then transmit over the Intranet, Internet or view with the Amyuni PDF Creator or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.Here are some key features of "Amyuni PDF Creator for .NET - Developer Pro":dlTE View, edit, annotate and print PDF documents.dlTE Create PDF, RTF, HTML, JPEG, TIFF and Excel documents using the same interface.dlTE Fill-out PDF forms commonly found on government or other web sites.dlTE Design complex documents, forms and reports linked or not to a database.dlTE Support for PDF form field objects such as check-box, radio-button, text field, list-box, combo-box, d-deTZdlTE Support for PDF annotations such as Sticky note, Highlighter, Stamp, Line and Frame, d-deTZdlTE Ability to do paragraph editing with reflow, this is important due to the nature of PDF files that are otherwise notdlTE easily editable.dlTE Compression of images, graphics and text heavily reduces the size of the resulting PDF file.dlTE Font embedding enables the inclusion of True Type fonts used in the source document to ensure perfectdlTE portability.dlTE Ability to add bookmarks, hyperlinks and page numbers to the PDF document.dlTE Add, Insert, Delete or Move pages.dlTE Search/Replace capabilities from the user-interface or programmatically.dlTE Generate dynamic content by directly linking documents to most available databases.dlTE Optional modules for import and export of RTF/TXT files.dlTE Optional modules for export to HTML, Jpeg/Tiff and XLS.dlTE Works completely in the standard PDF format. Generated files can be directly viewed by common PDF readers.dlTE Saving documents page by page makes it possible to create very large documents without consuming a hugedlTE amount of memory.dlTE Developers can define their own object types that are completely managed outside of the PDF Creator.dlTE Rendering parts of a PDF document to a device context created by the calling application.Limitations:dlTE 30 days trial

Implement full PDF and XPS creation, ... Amyuni PDF Creator for .

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