Add-in Express 2008 for VSTO Standard v.2008.4.0


Main benefits of Add-in Express for VSTOComponent-centric programming modelAdd-in Express organizes your VSTO development over a set of Microsoft Office-specific components. You use components and their designers every time you need to create a new Microsoft Office toolbar or to connect to an existing toolbar, to customize your own ribbon tab, to add new items to Microsoft Office menus, etc. All your work is centralized by Add-in Express components. Learn more... Visual designers instead of codingIn most cases, you use visual designers instead of routine coding, say, when customizing Microsoft Office menus, toolbars, ribbons, handling Microsoft Outlook events, creating task panes, adding keyboard shortcuts, developing Microsoft Outlook view and form regions, property pages, deploying and redeploying projects and more. Learn more...Complete support of the classic GUI and the Ribbon UIAdd-in Express completely supports the classic Microsoft Office 2003 GUI as well as the newest Microsoft Office Ribbon UI. For Microsoft Office 2003 you can freely customize its toolbars and menus; for Microsoft Office 2007 you can add your own ribbon tabs and customize the Office Menu and Quick Access Toolbar. Learn more... Any .NET controls on Microsoft Office toolbarsIn addition to standard toolbar controls available in Microsoft Office 2003, you can place any .NET controls on your Microsoft Office 2003 toolbars. For example, you can use date-time pickers, grids, treeview, lists, etc. on any Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint toolbars. It works for Microsoft Outlook 2007 as well. Learn more...Advanced features for Microsoft OutlookAdd-in Express for VSTO supplies your Microsoft Outlook projects with powerful Outlook-specific features such as Advanced Microsoft Outlook Regions, option and property pages, shortcuts for the Microsoft Outlook Navigation Pane, event helpers for the Folders, Items and Item objects. For the first time, with Add-in Express you can customize any Microsoft Outlook views and forms using .NET controls and forms. Learn more... Custom task panes, action panes, keyboard shortcutsWith Add-in Express for VSTO you create custom action panes and task panes in few seconds. A special component centralizes all your task panes and binds them to Microsoft Office applications. In the same manner you can add your own application-level keyboard shortcuts. For example, in your add-in / plugin you can override the Ctrl-S and Ctrl-Shift-S shortcuts to intercept the built-in "Save and SaveAs" behavior. Learn more...Security and deployment experienceAdd-in Express extends your VSTO projects with its components and follows your security and deployment model. All parts of Add-in Express are transparently integrated into the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE and your VSTO and setup project. Learn more... True RAD - you write applied code onlyAdd-in Express is a time-saving tool. It is completely based on the Rapid Application Development (True RAD) paradigm and empowers you to significantly speed up the development and deployment for Microsoft Office. Learn more...License key benefitsAll our products are licensed with the following conditions: * Unconditional 30 days money back-guarantee All our products come with an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can obtain a no-questions-asked refund during the first 30 days after your purchase. Please note, we do not provide refunds for product packages that include source code. See Refund policy. * No royalty or runtime fees This means you can freely distribute any applications based on our products without worry, their use is royalty free. After your purchase no additional fees and no additional licenses for your end-users are required, so you can use our components infinitely. * Simple install policy - developer installs one license on three his or her PCs Remember that all our tools are licensed per developer seat so that any programmer using our tool must acquire a separate license regardless of organizational affiliation. However, one developer can use one license on three his or her PCs, for example, work, home PCs and on a laptop. * Support is guaranteed Purchasing our tools you automatically get subscribed to one of our support service options. You will get prompt high quality support by email and on our forums. * Demos included Every product package includes demo projects (sample add-ins and/or applications) that will help you to quickly start with the product. See the Demo Projects folder after installing. * Secure order process and instant delivery The ordering process is safe and performed by a well-known e-commerce service, Share-it!, that provides secure order processing worldwide. Delivery is instant for credit card transactions. As soon as your order is processed you will receive an e-mail with download and activation information. * Free for reviewing on your blog If you are running a blog, and want to review any Add-in Express product, please contact us to request a free license. Please note, we do not guarantee that you will be provided with a free version, the final decision as to provide it or not is at the sole discretion of Add-in Express Ltd. Normally, we always do for high-quality blogs. * 50% discount for shareware developers If you are going to develop some shareware or trialware based on Add-in Express, contact us to request a 50% discount. The necessary condition is that you create a special page on your web-site devoted to Add-in Express and link that page to our web site. Please note, we do not guarantee that you will be provided with the discount, the final decision as to provide the discount or not is at the sole discretion of Add-in Express Ltd. Normally, we always do for owners of high-quality web-sites. 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  • Add-in Express 2008 for VSTO Standard
  • 2008.4.0
  • Add-in Express Ltd.
  • Win Vista, 2000, 2003, XP
  • Shareware
  • 11 Mb
  • 229
  • $349.00

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