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ActiveInput is a sub suite of data input controls that will provide rich functionality and enhancements for your web forms. They provide a perfect extension to the existing ASP.NET form controls provided by the .NET framework. Some suggested uses : - Pre-validated forms (TextBoxes + Slider) - Tasks management and ordering (Ordered ListBox) - Categories ordering (Ordered ListBox) - Interface navigation (Slider) - 100% double-click safe forms (Extended Button) The suite includes the following controls: Masked TextBox Ensures data is entered in accordance with strict formatting rules you provide. You can apply a mask to match phone numbers, IPs, SSN, etc... The controls also allows you to specify common formats like percent, currency and date. Numeric TextBox Only allows the input of numeric values such as integer, double, decimal, currency, and more. Plus, the numberA?s precision, symbol, delimiter, maximum value and minimum value are customizable. You can also specify common CLR data types for quick configuration. Extended Button This control extends the features of the standard button including multi-styles, post to a specific Form in the page, auto-disable on submit, confirm-on-submit and more. Ordered ListBox Enables you to create a styled listbox with client-side and server-side ordering, navigation, enumeration, data-binding, the ability to move items to and from others listboxes, and more... Web Slider The Web Slider control allows users to select data or move content using a web slider bar. The ideal web-equivalent of windows forms slider bar control. Main features: - Alpha, numeric or custom input - Masked input - Currency, percent & date input - Confirmation button - Disable on click button - Multi forms button - Cooperative list boxes - Appearance 100% customizable

ActiveInput is a sub suite of data input ...

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