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CATSRunner is a unit testing framework. C Automated Testing System (CATS) and its associated test runner (Catsrunner) implement a unit testing framework that provides developers of C-based systems, including embedded systems, the capability to use the popular test driven development approach. CATS supports embedded cross-platform development by working in conjunction with hardware abstraction layers. CATS also comes with a thin wrapper around arm-elf-gdbs host/target communication functions. A reference implementation for the ARM-7 CPU core is provided. Main features: - Catsrunner was built from the ground up for cross-platform embedded software development. - Its all written in ANSI C (yes, C++ can do more, but many embedded teams are using C). - This software is actively maintained - we at Agile Rules built it for our own use. - Its easy to add new target platforms. It builds now for PC and for ARM Evaluator7T board. - Catsrunner supports Test Driven Development (and Behavior Driven Development). - Catsrunner has been tested from its inception on real embedded hardware. - Its been released under the GPL as open source software Includes: - CATS and Catsrunner - Several other software modules that provide facilities often needed for embedded software development, and abstract hardware to aid easy porting to different architectures. - A build framework capable of building all of the software in the distribution on different platforms. - A sample application (appexample) using many of the modules as an example of how the software in the framework fits together. - A template application (apptemplate), mostly empty, to use as a starting point for new applications added to the framework. - Unit tests for all included modules and applications

CATSRunner is a unit testing framework. C ...

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