Instant Messaging Suite-ActiveX v.4.0


Suite of ActiveX Controls that let programmers add Instant Messaging or File Transfer capabilities to their applications. The suite currently consists of four components.MSNXFer - MSN Messenger Instant Messaging component- Sends and Receives MSN MessagesFileXfer- Sends and Receives FilesBufferXfer - Sends and Receives binary dataMsgXfer- Sends and Receives string messages.All components feature-ActiveX technology works with almost all development platforms. MSN Message, String , Binary and File Transfers with single line of code. MSN Message, String , Binary and File Sends and Receives take place on their own threads freeing program to do its own processing. Several Sends and Receives can take place at the same time. Progress Indicators for String , Binary and File Transfers . Synchronous or Asynchronous Send for String , Binary and File Transfers . Success and Failure events for easy error handling. Aborts for Both Send and Receive. Can be used as a basis for peer-to-peer communication system. No FTP or HTTP Servers necessary. Customers get all updates and new components added for one year from date of purchase. Easy to learn.

Suite of ActiveX Controls that let programmers ...

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  • Instant Messaging Suite-ActiveX
  • 4.0
  • LionKnight Software
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT, CE
  • Shareware
  • 7.87 Mb
  • 277
  • $169.00

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