AFNIX programming language v.1.8.0


AFNIX programming language 1.8.0 is considered as a reliable and useful multi-threaded functional programming language with dynamic symbol bindings that support the object oriented paradigm.AFNIX is a multi-threaded functional programming language with dynamic symbol bindings that support the object oriented paradigm. AFNIX programming language features a state of the art runtime engine that supports both 32 and 64 bits platforms.AFNIX is distributed with several clients and a rich set of libraries that are designed to be platform independent. For a short description, you can look at the contents or for a short introduction, you can look at the tutorial.A flexible license has been designed for both individuals and corporations. Everybody is encouraged to use, distribute and/or modify the AFNIX engine for any purpose. You can register on our mailing list. We issue news once a month. Your email address is covered by our strict privacy policy.AFNIX is a powerful engine associated with a rich set of libraries. The interpreter is written in C . Its modular architecture makes the installation and maintenance an easy task. AFNIX has a rich syntax which make the functional programming a pleasant activity. AFNIX is ready for use on various UNIX platforms. A rich documentation is also provided as a guide and reference material. Enhancements This release incorporates a major rewrite of the stream system with an immediate application to the the security library.The Des stream cipher has also been added to the security library.

AFNIX programming language 1.8.0 is considered ...

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