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3DNA Corp. develops and markets an innovative 3D desktop that transforms the static 2D desktop into a more exciting, intuitive, and useful 3D interface. The 3DNA Desktop makes it easier, faster, and more fun to use PCs and the Internet. Just as 3D graphics introduced a more enriching environment to video games, the 3DNA Desktop dramatically enhances the Windows interface. With 3DNA, you have easier ways to organize files, folders, and applications as well as enhance the overall Windows experience with built-in 3D games, picture walls, dynamic web content, and great-looking worlds to explore. 3DNA does not replace Windows, the Start Menu, or the Task Bar, so you can easily explore the new 3D interface without having to learn anything new. The movement and navigation within a 3DNA Desktop is identical to a 3D video game and is also fully customizable. Once you have the 3DNA Desktop, you can download additional Add-on Worlds from the home page that will provide you with an entirely new look and feel for your space. Minimum System Requirements - Intel/AMD 550 MHz class processor (1 GHz recommended) - 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended) - 3D Graphics Card with 32 MB VRAM - Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP (2000/XP recommended) Highlights - Launch applications, open files, play music - Retains all WindowsA? functionality - Integrated games within the desktop - Move and organize your programs, shortcuts, and documents to your liking - Scans your hard drive and creates a custom desktop - Real world, recognizable 3D icons for linking to programs - Dynamic content feeds from the Internet - Seamlessly integrates personal desktop, Web browsing, and portal functions - Browser Bay allows you to speed surf dozens of websites at once - Dynamically change environment themes - User customizable environments with movable furniture - Decorate your environment with your favorite digital pictures - Play with 3D toys with lifelike behavior (its more fun than it sounds, trust us) - Complete drag and drop from Windows and the Web to 3DNA - Beautiful, animated skies that automatically change from day to night in real time - In-scene controls for playing music from within 3DNA Includes Loft World: High ceilings. Bricks and beams. Natural light. Comfort, elegance and simplicity come together to transform your desktop into a smart urban-style space. Whether its work or play, you will always be happy in the Loft.

3DNA Corp. develops and markets an innovative ...

  • 3DNA
  • 1.10
  • 3DNA Corp.
  • Windows 9X, ME, NT, 2K, 2003, XP, Vista
  • Adware
  • 22 Mb
  • 408
  • $30.00

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