TextBEAST Free Clipboard+Image+Capture v.1.2.5


TextBEAST Free Clipboard+Image+Capture 1.2.5 is a effective combined clipboard and image viewer with screen capture designed for copying, collecting and pasting information, whether text or image. Grab images from web pages. Categorize and organize your photos, adding meaningful descriptions paired with the pictures. View images alone or with descriptions in slide-show mode. Keep information and images at your fingertips so you can refer to them and paste into other windows and documents in a snap. Anti-aliasing keeps image quality at a maximum level at all times, even when images are resized. Don't waste time hunting in your folders for the information and images you need. Simplify your life. Major Features:Summary:Copy/paste with the push of a button or drag/drop text and images from/to other windows, including web browsersPaired textbox+image box ideal for descriptions of imagesUnlimited storage capacityText Functions:Save and re-use textFill out web formsCharacter cleanup/replace for textboxes (great for cleaning up extraneous characters in emails)Launch stored web addresses directly from textBEASTImage Functions:CropConvert to JPGResize by percentage or pixel units, with proportion lock option " great for email attachmentsAnti-alias ("ImageEnhance") to optimize image when viewing at any size to correct that pixely appearance.Previews in 2 sizes: mouseover for thumbnail, right-click for larger viewEmail images without having to hunt down file pathsImage viewer window:Adjustable window size with option to fit image to any window sizeWhen image is larger than the viewer window:Double-click to scale image to window size (adjusts automatically when window resized) Reposition images by clicking mouse to "grab and move" or use scrollbarsFull-screen view for slide showNavigation using mouse wheel or keyboard forward/backward arrows3 ways to view:Text only Image only Text + Image, with adjustable dividerStatusbar information: image file location, file size, image pixel dimensions, text character lengthScreen/Window Capture:BMP or JPG formatSelectable JPG quality with left-click or full quality capture with right-clickOrganization Features:Buttons and libraries can be custom-named to organize material into fast-access groups.Keyboard shortcuts for most frequently used functions"Most recently used" list for quick file accessAlways-on-top option to keep textBEAST available at all timesRoll-up or minimize to icon in system tray to keep textBEAST out of the way but ready for action"Button Only" mode to minimize textBEAST to an "always-on-top" screen capture buttonOne-step undo for edit operations, including copy/paste, drag/drop, and deleteOrganizer window to rearrange stored text/imagesBackup and restore to protect your data.Time, time+date, library name, or file name displayed in title barFree version:Never expiresOne functional page with 10 textboxes and 10 image boxesAll features included except:Image resize, image crop, backup/restore, text character cleanup/replace and multiple data file capability

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  • TextBEAST Free Clipboard+Image+Capture
  • 1.2.5
  • ASBware, LLC
  • Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Wind
  • Trial
  • 4.8 Mb
  • 365
  • $24.99

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