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ClipboardX is a multi-buffer windows clipboard interface that is not tied to any particular application. For example, MS Word/MS Office products have a multi-buffer mechanism for copy/paste of MS-Word specific contents. ClipboardX not only allows you many buffers but also defines an extended Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V keyboard combination to easily use it in any application. The idea is to extend a single buffer windows clipboard interface to a maximum of 26 buffers named A-Z. You can place contents in any of these buffers when you copy data on the clipboard and retrieve it back before you paste it from the system clipboard. This idea has its roots in the Unix Vi editor where one can copy data into 26 buffers using the key combinations such as a-yy to put it in buffer A, b-yy to put it in buffer B and so on.. You can paste it back using a-p to paste data from buffer A, b-p to paste data from buffer B and so on.. Current Features: ClipboardX starts in Windows system tray as an Icon. This is configurable, so you can start it as a normal window or in the tray. When opened, the ClipboardX window stays on top of all applications which makes it convenient to copy/paste to and from ClipboardX window. ClipboardX window is basically just an array of buttons each corresponding to a buffer. The color of the buffer changes to yellow when it has data in it and back to gray when it is empty. Copy data on the system clipboard and click on any button representing an empty buffer. The clipboard data gets saved into tat buffer. You can use any number of such buffers. Now to paste data from a particular buffer, click the corresponding button, ClipboardX then places data from that buffer onto the system clipboard and you can then paste it back in the target application. ClipboardX supports any registered windows clipboard format. You can even copy files/directories from Windows Explorer. It takes care to copy all variations of data in its local cache and places data back in ...

ClipboardX is a multi-buffer windows clipboard ...

  • Softricks ClipboardX
  • 0.9
  • Windows XP, 2000, Me
  • Freeware
  • 276 Kb
  • 324
  • Free

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