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POP3it Pro is known as a smart and useful plug-in for FileMaker pro that allows you to use the Post Office Protocol to download emails from a POP3 email server. Download all the emails on the server, or pick and choose which ones you want. Download attachments into any folder on your hard drive, or skip them altogether. Export HTML emails and view them in a web browser. Use it to peek at your mail server to see if you have any new emails or download the froms and subjects of the new emails. The possiblities are endless! Downloading emails into FileMaker from a POP3 server has never been so easy and flexible!Major Features:Dynamically check multiple POP3 email accounts, even on different servers.Automatically extract major email fields such as To, From, Subject, etc.Receive Attachments, which are placed in a directory that you can specify dynamically.Download Text or HTML body types independently.Export HTML emails, complete with inline graphics, so that you can view them in a web browser.Compatible with FileMaker 4, 5, 6, Mac OS 9, X, and Windows.Enhancements:Fixed a bug in CheckAccount with inserting emails with blank date values. The new email record wasn't passing the validation checks.Updated the code that determines a filename for unnamed (inline) attachments to guess the correct extension based on the Content-Type of the attachment instead of just using the extension .zzz.Added in some code to work around PDFs that are incorrectly encoded with Quoted-Printable encoding by Outlook/Exchange

POP3it Pro is known as a smart and useful ...

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