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NextStart Corporate 3.1 won't make you disappointed because it is a powerful menu system that offers a wide range of features for improving productivity and ease of use while preventing unauthorized modification of the PC's interface by end users.Major Features:Prevent Unauthorized Modifications: Secure, password-protected configuration panel prevents unauthorized modification of NextSTART Corporate Edition's interface. Coupled with other security features, a company can prevent employees from accessing the normal Windows interface and force them to run only authorized applications. Much more powerful, flexible and easier to use than the Windows Policy Editor.Powerful Menu System: Unlike many other menu programs, NextSTART does NOT require you to re-enter the paths to all the programs listed on your Start Menu. NextSTART will automatically read the directory structure of your Programs folder(s) and create a menu for you on the fly! In fact, thanks to NextSTART's dynamic menu support, it will create as many menus as you wish based on any hard drive or directory!If you wish to create your own customized menu system, no problem! NextSTART includes a powerful, built-in Menu Editor (ME) allowing you to create any number of menus. The Menu Editor also allows the use of over 80 handy Internal Commands that give quick access to not only NextSTART specific features but also many popular Windows functions.Complete Start Menu And Taskbar Replacement: NextSTART features built-in task management to control running apps and the Windows System Tray. Gain access to your running apps via handy task icons/tiles right on your desktop. Best of all, you can choose the position of the "task list", the style, and even which icons should be displayed for specific applications. NextSTART also allows you to place the Systray anywhere on your desktop!Hot spot Support: Thanks to an incredibly flexible feature utilizing user defined Hotspots, you can "attach" a menu to not only different areas of your desktop but also other menu programs and applications! Activate your hotspots using icons, different mouse buttons or screen edge 'bumps.Flexible Configuration w/Theme Support: Allows the design of a common interface for all Windows PC's that reflects your corporate identity. You can quickly and easily import and export themes and configurations between multiple PC's.Drag And Drop: Drag and Drop can be used to move/copy items from one menu to another, re-arrange them and even move/copy files from a menu to an Explorer window and vice-versa.Full Multi-Monitor Support: Position your menus, hotspots and startbar on specific monitors.Context Sensitive Menus: A context-sensitive menu is a menu with options related to an highlighted object or menu item. Each item in a menu has a context menu, accessible by right-clicking on the item. Options available in a context menu are the ones you would expect to find if you clicked on that same item under Explorer.Requirements: Windows9x/ME, Windows NT v4.0 (w/Service Pack 3 or higher), Windows 2000 or Windows XP

NextStart Corporate 3.1 won't make you ...

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