Mouse Master v.1.5


Why choose Mouse Master?
1. more precise
For windows, value of mouse speed is between 1 to 20. But from control panel, you can only set the value to even except 1. If you want to set the value to 13 or 15, it's impossible. Use Mouse Master, you can set any value between 1 to 20.

2. much freeness
In windows, when you set the mouse speed, it apply to all program. So, if you play count-striker with mouse speed 10, and 16 to explorer, you must continually change the value. Use Mouse Master, you can set different mouse-speed for every application: counter-striker to 10, explorer to 16. Then all you must do is just run them. When counter-striker is running, Mouse Master will automatically set the mouse-speed to 10, and when you open explorer, the mouse-speed will automatically change to 16.

3. modify on fly
With Mouse-Master, you can modify mouse speed on fly. All you need to do is just specify the shortcut of increase and decrease the speed. Then, whenever you wanna modify the mouse speed, just press the shortcut you specified above. It's very useful when you use some graphic-design program, such as photoshop / coreldraw etc.

4. more smoother
With Mouse-Master, you can set mouse sample rate up to 200. The sample rate (in Hz) tells how often (per second) the mouse sends information to your computer. More higher the value, more smoother the mouse move. the standard sample rate of serial mice is 40Hz, ps/2 mice are also sampled with 40Hz on windows 95/98 but with 60Hz on windows nt. 40 or 60Hz is not very much. If you move your mouse quickly you will see that the mouse pointer doesn't follow your movement smoothly but instead it will jump from position to position.
So the best way is to use a ps/2 mouse and use Mouse-Master to tweak it to 200Hz!

One Application, One Mouse. Just a few operation, you can specify independent mouse setting for different application, include mouse speed, acceleration etc. And set mouse sample rate up to 200. Especially useful for designer, game-player etc.

sensitivity, samplerate, mouse, speed

  • Mouse Master
  • 1.5
  • 4G Soft
  • Windows2000, WinXP
  • Shareware
  • 1.19 Mb
  • 786
  • $29.95

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