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Despite Microsofts best intentions, the Start Menu isnt everybodys cup of tea. If youre looking for an alternative way to launch your programs, take a look at jetToolBar. During installation this well-done utility creates 14 default categories, registers shortcuts for many of your applications, and adds bookmarks for recommended Web pages. jetToolBar is a simple and easy-to-use program launcher. When you install jetToolBar, it creates 14 default categories, registers shortcuts for your application programs, bookmarks of the best recommended Internet Homepages. You can position the toolbar on any edge of the screen of any monitor in a docked state, or in a floating state as a normal window. In either state, you can change the size of the toolbar and the program launch buttons to various button sizes. You can optionally show or hide the categories, and an auto-hide feature is included for optional use in the docked state. If you set hotkey, you can see "ToolBar Menu" anywhere of the screen with the hotkey. Drag buttons to where you want them. Intuitive right-click menus let you easily access appearance and behavior options. Category : Control Panel, Desktop, Multimedia, Word, Games, Graphics, Utility, Internet, Book Mark ( News, Sports, Entertainment, Computer News, Download, Search ) Voice Recognition jetToolBar supports any SAPI-compatible speech recognition engines, and includes Microsoft Whisper speech recognition engine by default. You can enjoy voice recognition if your computer has sound card and microphone. To launch program, simply talk the name of the button. - Voice Recogntion mode There is "Run", "Stop", and "Sleep" mode in voice recognition. "Run" mode means that voice recognition is activated, and "Stop" mode means that voice recognition engine does not use sound card. "Sleep" mode means that only one voice command is activated. If you talk "Computers Name" in

Despite Microsofts best intentions, the Start ...

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  • JetToolBar
  • COWON America, Inc.
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Freeware
  • 1.81 Mb
  • 310
  • Free

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