Desktop Picture Frame v.4.0


Desktop Picture Frame 4.0 is a useful utility with which you can have turned-in frames images from the list in the user defined sequence with smooth image transitions. Swapping of images goes user set time intervals. The program includes a main window with the list of images and toolbars, the image display window and icon in the system tray. The list of images, the active image and all other settings are saved on program exit and are restored on startup. The image display window is always located on top of other windows, with the exception of some programs which work in full-screen mode. When the mouse pointer moves to image area, the image display window disappears quietly and remains transparent while the mouse pointer is within its limits. After the mouse pointer has left the image display area, the image smoothly reappears. Smooth image changes takes place in a similar way, at the preset interval, the program displays the next image in the list. Major Features:

Desktop Picture Frame 4.0 is a useful utility ...

  • Desktop Picture Frame
  • 4.0
  • Alexei A. Abramoff
  • Windows All
  • Demo
  • 13.9 Mb
  • 431
  • $11.38

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