Binary Desktop Clock v.


This is a small desktop enhancement that
displays time in binary state onto your
desktop. Some of the features are:

- OnTop option
- mouse clicks will pass through it on
window beneath (it doesn't bother you if
on top)(Win2k/XP only)
- 2 vis modes: transparent & hollow
- adaptable colors
- remembers pos on resolution change
- Short info on reading binary numbs.

::Visual modes:
- Transparent (Win2000/XP) will make whole
window semi-translucent, You can choose
transparency level in increments of 10%
- Hollow (Win2000/XP) will make color
that is chosen for "0" bits, fully
- Standard (Win9x/Win2000/XP) this means
that Trans. & hollow are off. There is
no transparency, window is opaque but
will not catch any clicks(Win2000/XP)

::Colors: You can choose separate colors
for "1", "0" bits and bit Outline.
::Remember position: BDC will retain
it's position on resolution change
::Binary numbers: There is a short info
(in program) concerning conversion of
binary numbers into decimal.

Binary Desktop Clock. This is a small desktop enhancement that displays time in binary state onto your desktop. Perfect for quick learning binary number system. Fun in a computer geeks way.

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  • Binary Desktop Clock
  • MTS
  • WinXP, Windows2000
  • Freeware
  • 62 Kb
  • 1038
  • Free

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