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Organize And Manage Windows Easily With Actual Windows Menu Tool

Why Use Actual Window Menu?
Computers have come a long way since its inception and now they are considered to be most advanced business machines as well as entertainment systems. With the advancements in technology especially in the graphical user interfaces, all these developments have been done keeping just one person in mind and that is the end user. The full-bodied functionality of Windows needs to be concealed occasionally in a bid to leave behind healthy amount of alternatives for end user in every dedicated state of affairs. This way, beginner users pick up interface quicker, but advanced users are bereft of effective features that might further accelerate the computer operation. Actual Window Menu software is the incomparable standard window menu extension that offers boosted users with secondary means of coordinating and handling windows. Actual Window Menu tool tots up a lot of menu particulars to common window menu approachable thru application icon in the title bar. Actual Window Menu enables you to make formulas for each separate application program which is handiest for automating the system procedure. Just find the window you wish to configure and apply unambiguous interface to configure its broadened menu and its backgrounds.

Key Features
The 'Minimize to Tray' characteristic allows you to preserve taskbar space when offering permission to reduced applications thru the system tray icons. You are able to build your taskbar to be less littered and more accessible. The 'Stay on Top' function assists you to invest the chosen windows on top of different ones, in such a way that it were all of the time comprehendible and could not be concealed by other windows. The 'Rollup or Unroll' option permits you to reduce windows so just the title bars stay obvious. The 'Make Transparent' function allows you to enforce transparency force from 0% to 100% rate to any application program. You are able to choose a different transparency plane for any window instantly, while it is exposed. Flicking 'Make Transparent' reveals a popup menu where you will be able to pick one of the predefined layers of transparency.

The 'Send to Bottom' characteristic transports the desirable window to the bottom of others. Put differently, this button covers a window under other windows, but leaves it behind on the desktop. The 'Resize Window' function enables you to lay the size of any designated application program window to have it all of the time spread at the size you wish. You are able to select any Default Window Size from the list which admits exact window sizes in picture elements or in percentages from the desktop size.

Furthermore you are able to fix the width and height of any window on your own by employing Custom Window Size feature. The 'Align Window' advantage allows you to acquire any application window ordinate with any of the nine locations on the desktop. The 'Change Priority' function permits you to change the wanted window's application program precedence. Now, you are able to cut down the programs to the system tray, forever keep them on the top, coil up windows, make them translucent, and so forth by virtue of only a keystroke combination. Such an opening allows you to bring off the similar actions a great deal faster on condition of applying keyboard. You can configure Each and every program's windows to contrasting options, allow them in that fashion for sometime, or alter the functions whenever you like. Your configuration for each window would stay fixed after every boot up till you modify it.

Apart from the host of features mentioned above, the Actual Window Menu software provides multilingual support and is ideal for working with popular e-mail clients, office tools as well as development tools or any kind of programs.

There is no doubt that with Actual Window Menu software installed in your system, you will have complete, unlimited and perfect control over your Windows.

Publisher's Description

Actual Window Menu is a suite of the most popular innovative tools letting users operate windows on the desktop in some advanced ways: alternatively minimize to Windows notification area (system tray) or to a floating icon on the screen, alter the execution priority of Windows processes on-the-fly, apply semi-transparency effect, roll up/unroll, resize, align, easily move windows between different displays in a multiple display environment, etc.

Installation, as well as the use of the program, is extremely easy and does not require much time. After installation, the application embeds its extra commands into each window's system menu. These new commands are as easy to use as common Move/Size/Minimize/Close ones, and they significantly enhance windows management abilities. The set of commands can be customized for particular applications so that you can select just features which are really necessary there and, thus, form a convenient and flexible working environment.

Actual Window Menu is irreplaceable when you have to work with numerous applications at once switching from one to another, which is very annoying and frustrating. Moreover, it becomes quite difficult to distinguish between minimized programs as they get the taskbar piled up. Actual Window Menu enables you to forget that chaos and proceed with your work not being disturbed by windows mess on the desktop. System window menu is the standard windows management facility - it's simple, handy and functional. Enhancing it with Actual Window Menu will turn it into a magic wand - powerful and unobtrusive.

Enhance system window menu with new abilities. Actual Windows Menu is a suite of the most essential tools for versatile windows control: minimize them to tray, set up priority, keep always-on-top, apply transparency, etc. Once installed, the extra options are added to each window's system menu.

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  • Actual Window Menu
  • 7.5
  • 25 Mar 13
  • Actual Tools
  • WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win2000, WinServer, Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005, Windows Media Center Edition 2005
  • Shareware
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Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
7.5 25.03.2013 1) Hotkeys now work in DirectInput games (Battlefield 3, Skyrim, etc.). 2) List of hotkey actions can be filtered by categories. 3) Low-level mechanisms improved for better compatibility. 4) Classic snapping ignores fully transparent windows. 5) Vista+: Compatibility with Internet Explorer improved.
7.2 16.08.2012 Improved stability on 64-bit systems.
6.7 21.10.2011 1) Compatibility improved with many popular products (like Visual Studio, all Adobe products, SnagIt, Softimage). 2) Displaying the window position while dragging a window added. 3) Norwegian language added. 4) Tracking of window caption changes improved. 5) Numerous fixes.
6.6 01.08.2011 1) Reboot-less update to new version on Windows Vista/7. 2) Indonesian language added. 3) Hand tool improved. 4) Stability issues fixed.

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