SetDTPictureCM v.1.0.3


Enables you set an image as wallpaper by using just the Finder contextual menu.This contextual menu simply sets the desktop picture to the file you control click on in the Finder, assuming the file is an image. This option will be present in your context menu, allowsing you to set the currently selected image as a desktop wallpaper. Installation Place the SetDTPictureCM.plugin into Computer > /Library/Contextual Menu Items or Home > /Library/Contextual Menu Items Then simply restart the Finder either using Force Quit from the Apple menu, or logging in and out. Main features: - Sets the desktop picture to the file you control click on in the Finder. This menu items displays only if the file can be rendered by QuickTime as an image. The menu items name is "Set Desktop Picture To" - Locates the current file that is serving as the desktop picture. This menu items always displays. The menu items name is "Reveal Desktop Picture" - Reverts to the last desktop picture. This menu item displays whenever this contextual menu was used to set the desktop picture. The menu items name is "Reset Desktop Picture" - Keeps track of all files used by this contextual menu to set the desktop picture in a submenu labelled "Recent Desktop Pictures" Selecting an item from this submenu will set the desktop picture to that file. Enhancements - Added a preference pane for turning the contextual menu on and off (and for extending support for other optional features.)

Enables you set an image as wallpaper by using ...

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