WeiserWare Screen Saver Manager v.2.0


WeiserWare Screen Saver Manager 2.0 is designed for you to manage and randomize your screen saver collection from one convenient location.The WeiserWare Screen Saver Manager allows you to run a random screen saver when Windows activates your screen saver, or to run screen savers in the order that you choose. You can have your favourite screen savers run more often, or stop other screen savers from being used altogether.You can also choose to run a new screensaver every 15 minutes or at whatever interval you want, or to only change screen savers after a certain number of days.The Screen Saver Manager also gives you quick access to your Display Properties, and gives you an easy way to suspend and resume screen saver activity.The Screen Saver Manager complements Realtime Soft UltraMon, which provides multi-monitor support for screen savers. With the Screen Saver Manager and UltraMon together, you can run a different random screen saver on multiple monitors at once, by selecting the WeiserWare Screen Saver Manager as the screen saver to run on each monitor.Major Features:Run a random screen saver, or cycle through screen savers in sequencePick a new screen saver after a certain number of minutes or days, or every time the screen saver activatesRun your favorite screen savers more oftenRun selected groups of screen saversPreview screen savers, display file information, manage screen saver settings, all from one windowRun a specific screen saver at certain times, or on certain daysPrevent any screen saver from activating at certain times, or on certain daysRun a screen saver immediately via the system trayTemporarily suspend all screen saver activity via the system trayGet quick access to your computer's display properties

WeiserWare Screen Saver Manager 2.0 is ...

  • WeiserWare Screen Saver Manager
  • 2.0
  • WeiserWare
  • Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows M
  • Trial
  • 307 Kb
  • 226
  • $12.95

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