Audubon Close Up - Predators and Prey v.1.0


Audubon Close Up - Predators and Prey 1.0 has come as an interesting screen-saver including 30 exciting pictures focus on the detail of 8 of Audubon's most dramatic plates from "Birds of America". These plates show the drama of the hunt by the magnificent Hawks and Eagles as well as the more sedate pursuit of the voracious White Heron. The Audubon Close Up Series is designed to allow you to experience a close-up look at the plates, just as if you were turning the pages of the original Havell Elephant Folio Edition of "Birds of America", and focusing in on sections of the huge page.The following plates are presented in Audubon Close Up - Birds of Prey Screensaver: White HeronFish HawkRed-tailed HawkGreat-footed HawkSwallow-tailed HawkStanley HawkVirginia Partridge and Red-shouldered BuzzardIceland or Jer FalconRequirements:Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP800x600 screen resolution16 bit minimum color

Audubon Close Up - Predators and Prey 1.0 has ...

  • Audubon Close Up - Predators and Prey
  • 1.0
  • Pixel Paradox
  • Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2
  • Trial
  • 600 Kb
  • 164
  • $10.00

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