3D Screen Creator v.0.3.5


3D Screen Creator is a tool to create 3D real time animations or screensavers. You can create your own executable or your own screensaver using only a visual interface and without any line of code. You can import your 3D objects from your favorite 3D package (3DStudio, Lightwave, ...) and use it directly into 3D Screen Creator. You can also create 2D Slideshow using the power of your 3D card to create stunning transition effects. Create your own world using your objects or one of the multiple primitive (cube, torus, cylinder...)included in 3D Screen Creator, add a terrain using an heightmap, set the position of your camera and simply create a full installable screen saver in a few clicks. FEATURES: DirectX 8.1 Accelerated engine. Convivial user interface. Import multiple 3D Object format (Lightwave(LWO), 3D Studio (3DS),DirectX (X)) Import pictures and textures (BMP,JPG,PNG,TGA) Heightmap generation from a RAW file. Animated meshes using vertex tweening. Fog. Optional SkyBox. You can write your own text using custom fonts in your 3D world or simply in 2D in the front of the scene. Export option: You can save your work as a stand alone executable or screen saver. You can also choose the running screen resolution and the mode (windowed or full screen). Installable Screen Saver: you can create a screensaver with its own installer (Inno Setup installer). Licence free: you are free to do what you want with your creation. You can sell them without any royalties for devSoft. Moving Camera: you can move your camera in your 3D world using linear interpolation, B-Spline interpolation or Hermite Spline interpolation. Moving Objects: you can move your object in your 3D world using linear interpolation, B-Spline interpolation or Hermite Spline interpolation. Dynamic Parameters: You can vary every parameters during the the time (alpha, size, color, position, ...) MP3: Add your favorite MP3 music as sound for your screen saver. WYSIWY...

3D Screen Creator is a tool to create 3D real ...

  • 3D Screen Creator
  • 0.3.5
  • devsoft.ch
  • Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Freeware
  • 1.99 Mb
  • 366
  • Free

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