Virtual TimeClock Network v.'11 Release 1 B


Virtual TimeClock Network is an employee time clock software that enables easy time tracking of your employees. The software provides you with accurate impartial recording of every employee punch in and out.

It is a cost effective and secure replacement for that old fashioned employee punch clock or paper based timesheet system. Virtual TimeClock Network is driven by a built-in SQL database that instantly totals employee timecards by worker, department, or task. Easily export to your payroll software or service, or spreadsheet software for tracking employee time and attendance job costs and trends.

Virtual TimeClock Network provides workers, managers, and time clock administrators with easy, yet secure access to the appropriate features and functions that they need. Intuitive and flexible administrative settings and tools allow you to configure your time clock software to match just about any business environment.

Control labor costs with instant, accurate knowledge of each worker's status, start and stop times. Unlike a traditional employee time clock, Virtual TimeClock Network automatically assigns hours worked to a department and task or job. Payroll is a snap when all of your employee hours are pre-categorized!

When workers clock out, a memo can be selected indicating the status of the worker. Perhaps the worker is 'out to lunch' or 'gone for the day.' Workers can even create a special one time memo like 'Doctor appt. Back by 2PM'. Because Virtual TimeClock Network is powerful SQL database driven time clock software, employee timesheets are always instantly available with up-to-the-minute hours and overtime totals.

Because it's computer time clock software rather than a mechanical punch clock, Virtual TimeClock Network takes the work out of managing your employee time and attendance! Convenient password protection allows employees, managers and owners secure access to the appropriate time clock features and ensure proper access to employee timesheet viewing and printing.

Flexible shift rules in Virtual TimeClock Pro allow you to control the use of the time clock, making it easy to manage unwanted employee overtime. Virtual TimeClock Network can warn, prevent or restrict employees from clocking in on unscheduled days or before their shift start time. Warning of a shift violation simply informs a worker of the violation.

Restricting the use of the time clock requires a manager or administrator to enter their password before the employee can punch in or out. Additionally, Virtual TimeClock Network can allow courtesy clock in and out. Using the courtesy punch out feature, a worker is allowed to declare at clock out that they actually stopped work at the end of their scheduled shift rather than the time the clock is punched.

This ability to accurately record the time a worker stopped work prevents unwarranted overtime costs that come from delays in using the time clock at the end of a work day.

Virtual TimeClock Network software is so much more than a punch clock, displaying all of your workers as a virtual 'In & Out board'. You'll have at-a-glance status of every worker. Timecard notes allow employees to annotate their timecard with information like tips, mileage, or production units.

Timecard notes can also be used to allow a worker to an explain a timecard entry --such as why they were late or that they forgot to clock in when they arrived. for WindowsAll

Virtual TimeClock Network is an employee time ... Virtual TimeClock Network is an employee time clock software that enables easy time tracking of your employees. The software provides you with accurate impartial recording of every employee punch in and out. It is a cost effective and secure ...

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  • Virtual TimeClock Network
  • '11 Release 1 B
  • 21 May 12
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