The Quickening Project R4


The Quickening Project R4 has come as an awesome collection of dark icons which is tailored for whom like dark desktop themes. There are only a few really good looking dark icon themes around. Xfce is a free software desktop environment for Unix and other Unix-like platforms, such as Linux, Solaris and BSD. It aims to be fast and lightweight, while still being visually appealing and easy to use. The current version, 4.4, is modular and reusable. It consists of separately packaged components that together provide the full functionality of the desktop environment, but which can be selected in subsets to create the users preferred personal working environment. Xfce is mainly used for its ability to run a modern desktop environment on relatively modest hardware. It is based on the GTK+ 2 toolkit (as is GNOME). It uses the Xfwm window manager, described below. Its configuration is entirely mouse-driven, and the configuration files are hidden from the casual user. Xfce is somewhat similar to the commercial CDE, but has been getting a little farther away from that comparison with each new major version. Olivier Fourdan started the project in 1996. The name "Xfce" originally stood for "XForms Common Environment", but since that time Xfce has been rewritten twice and no longer uses that toolkit. The name survived, but it is no longer capitalized as "XFce", but rather as "Xfce". The developers current stance is that the initialism no longer stands for anything specific. Requirements: Xfce

The Quickening Project R4 has come as an ...

  • The Quickening Project R4
  • Adam Hoka
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  • BSD
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