Smb4k v.0.10.9


Smb4k 0.10.9 functions as a helpful and comprehensive network neighborhood browser which is designed for KDE and a frontend to the programs of the Samba software suite. Its purpose is to provide a program that's easy to use and has as many features as possible. Major Features:Scanning for (active) workgroups, hosts, and sharesSupport of the CIFS (Linux) and SMBFS (FreeBSD) file systemMounting and unmounting of remote shares, including unmounting all shares at onceAccess to the files of a mounted share using a file manager or terminalAuto-detection of external mounts and unmountsRemounting of recently used shares on program startMiscellaneous infos about the mounted sharesNetwork searchWINS server supportPreview of sharesSeveral methods to look up the initial list of workgroups and domainsDefault loginAbility to execute mount and umount SUID root (using sudo)Special handling of homes sharesAbility to bookmark favorite sharesSystem tray widgetSupport of advanced Samba optionsSupport of printer sharesKonqueror plugin (currently only for KDE 3 versions)KWallet supportSynchronization of a remote share with a local copy and vice versaAbility to define custom options for individual servers and sharesEnhancements:Fixed restoring of wrong file permissions for sudoers file (closes #17481).Requirements:To compile the latest version of Smb4K, you need under both Linux and FreeBSD:cmake (>= 2.6)GNU GCC (g++, >= 4.0)It depends on the following libraries:kdelibs & kdebase-runtime (>= 4.0.0)Qt (>= 4.3.0) or XFree86An implementation of the C libraryFor a proper operation, you also need:Samba (3.x, 3.2.0 or later recommended)GrepGNU awk (gawk) or similarGNU sedfindutils (xargs)Support of the /proc filesystem compiled into your kernel if you are using Linux.To enable full functionality, you may also want to install these programs:sudotexlive or similar (dvips)GNU enscriptrsync

Smb4k 0.10.9 functions as a helpful and ...

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