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Simple Root Actions Menu 4 is a KDE4 port to the Simple Root Actions Menu script. It contains 4 menu entries:- delete any files or folders ("Delete as root")- edit any text files, *.desktop, shell, python, perl, ini and superkaramba text files ("Edit as root")- open (locked) folders ("Open as root") and- run executables, and shell script, python and perl files ("Run as root")Developer commentsIt was tested on Arch Linux KdeMod 4.1. Please test on other distros and give feed back.InstallationDownload and unpack the content and run "sram_install" in your shell ("./sram_install")You will get a nice coloured menu. :) Here's a quick walkthrough:SettingsHere You will be showed the installaton overview:- "PREFIX" shows You the installation prefix (KDEDIR). If You run the installer script as root default prefix will be your global system prefix (`kde4-config --prefix`), meaning You will install the menu for all users. Otherwise it will be local prefix (`kde4-config --localprefix`), ie. You will install it only for yourself. Yellow colour.- "Interface" is the su interface you will be using. It can be "kdesu" or "gksu". Blue colour (sudo notice in columns is coloured red).- "Text editor" informs what text editor You will be using for "Edit as root" menu. Green colour.- "File manager" is what file manager You will be using: if it's konqueror then the menu will be installed for konqueror, if it's dolphin, the menu will be installed for dolphin... Green colour.Select actionYou can choose following options:1 - "Install": begin installation. The script will install menu according the options You set. If errors show up, the installation will stop. If the installer finds files left from previous installation it will delete them (so be advised if you made any changes to that files).2 - "Uninstall": uninstall the menu according the options You set.3 - "Change prefix": opens "Change prefix" menu. There you will be presented with options to set local or global (system) prefix, or to dump the menu to Your desktop. The latter can be very useful if You want to package the menu. There is also option to manually select the installation prefix (You must provide full path! Example: /opt/kde).4 - "Change interface": opens "Change interface" menu. You can between kdesu or gksu GUI for su. If you choose gksu make sure you have it installed! You can also toogle the use of sudo - if You enable it, sudo will be used for edit and open menus (not for delete menu). In order to use sudo You must set it up first (see option 7).5 - "Change text editor": opens "Change text editor" menu. Currently You can choose between Kate, KWrite and GEdit, and to manually specify path to Your favourite text editor for "Edit as root" menu. By default, installer assumes that binaries are installed in "/usr/bin".6 - "Change file manager": opens "Change file manager" menu. You can choose between konqueror and dolphin, at the moment. You can also manually specify path to file manager which supports konqueror service menus. If You select konqueror, for example, the menu will be installed for konqueror and "Open as root" menu will open folder(s) in konqueror. Accordingly, if You select to install for dolphin file manager the menu will be installed for dolphin and "Open as root" menu will open folder(s) in dolphin.7 - "Setup sudo config": If You choose to use sudo You will have to edit Your "/etc/sudoers" config file first. This function does that automatically for You. If Your setup is with konqueror file manager and kate text editor for exmple, setup sudo will add entry to Your "/etc/sudoers" file. It will also make a backup copy of the "/etc/sudoers".8 - "Reset sudo config": will reset your sudo config if You previously edited it with "Setup sudo config". It will reset only the current configuration setup of the installer script. Example, if You previously used "Setup sudo" function to set sudo for konqueror and kate "Reset sudo" function will do anything to Your sudoers file if Your current configuration is with dolphin and kwrite (for example).9 - "List translations": lists current translations.5 in all submenus returns You to main menu0 in all menus exits the installer script

Simple Root Actions Menu 4 is a KDE4 port to ... A KDE4 port to the Simple Root Actions Menu script.

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