QuickShift for Windows v.1.1.4021.5723


If youd-deOaore still using XP or Vista (and 68% of you are!) and you use more than one monitor, I bet youd-deOaore pretty tired of having to use your mouse to move application windows from monitor to monitor. Especially if you tend to keep your windows maximized. You have to click to shrink the window, then you have to draaaaaag it across your desktop, then you have to click again to re-maximize it. Not a big deald-deTZ unless youd-deOaore doing it over and over again. Then itd-deOaos just annoying. Wouldnd-deOaot it be easier just to press a couple keys instead?If youd-deOaore using Windows 7, and you use more than one monitor I bet youd-deOaore pretty excited about the native keyboard shortcuts that move windows around your desktop. You can even drag a maximized window around without having to un-maximize it first! Pretty cool. But how often have you found that you need to move application 1 to monitor 2 AND application 2 to monitor 1? You know, just swap d-de?em. Sure, itd-deOaos not that big of a deal to move one and then the other. But wouldnd-deOaot it be cool if there was a keyboard shortcut to do that in all in one shabang?QuickShift is your answer. It enables you to keep your hands on your keyboard by setting fully-customizable global hotkeys that resize, relocate, and reposition application windows. Want to instantly swap the two top-most windows from the two most recently used monitors? No problem. Want to compare two documents side by side? Easy. These functions along with all the basics youd-deOaod expectd-deOCLsuch as minimizing, maximizing, restoring, and moving to another monitord-deOCLare all here. Lightweight and minimalistic, without needless extras.

If youd-deOaore still using XP or Vista (and ...

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  • QuickShift for Windows
  • 1.1.4021.5723
  • BitterMinion
  • WinXP, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Freeware
  • 460 Kb
  • 197
  • Free

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