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Microsoft updated this bulletin on May 11, 2004 to advise on the availability of a revised version of the security update for non-English versions of Windows XP (as opposed to Windows XP Service Pack 1). The original update does address the vulnerability in Windows XP for all supported languages, however, the original update was not fully localized. Specifically, optional Jet error strings were only being offered in English on Windows XP. This issue does not affect other operating systems. If you have previously applied the security update for other operating systems, including Windows XP Service Pack 1, you need not take any additional action.If you have previously applied the security update for non-English versions of Windows XP (as opposed to Windows XP Service Pack 1), you need not take any additional action as you are already protected from this vulnerability. However, if you want to have the Jet optional text error information in the same language as your Windows XP installation, you will need to remove the original security update MS04-014 (837001) following the Removal Information procedure located in this document and install the revised version. Once 837001 is uninstalled, revisiting Windows Update will result in the revised MS04-014 security update for Windows XP being re-offered with the correct, localized, optional text error strings.The following files, on non-English systems only, were updated as part of this update: mswstr10.dll and msjint40.dll. You may see other files with new Date and Time information from the original release - these files remain unchanged, only the 2 files above have been updated.A buffer overrun vulnerability exists in the Microsoft Jet Database Engine (Jet) that could allow remote code execution. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of an affected system, including installing programs, viewing, changing, or deleting data, or creating new accounts that have full privileges.Microsoft recommends that customers install the update at the earliest opportunity.

Microsoft updated this bulletin on May 11, ...

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