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Font Checksum 2 can be very useful as it allows you to verify the internal checksums in OpenType and TrueType font files. Sometimes when you download a file, or copy a file from a worn CD/DVD, what you receive differs from the original. After downloading or copying twice, you may have two files with the same size, the same date, and the same apparent contents. When compared byte-by-byte with commands such as "comp" on DOS/Windows or "cmp" on UNIX, only a few bits or bytes are different. The rest of the files are the same. Your question is which file is correct. One of them must be wrong. Since font files contain internal checksums, you can use this information to test which of the files is more correct. Note that freeware and shareware fonts produced with older font tools often have numerous checksum errors. Since all correct OTF and TTF font files have this same external checksum, it should not be necessary to understand the internal format of the files. Unfortunately, TrueType collection (TTC) files do not sum to 0xB1B0AFBA. This may have to do with the tools used to assemble TTC files. Being much bigger than OTF or TTF files, TTC files are more likely to suffer data corruption. To test OTF, TTC, and TTF font files, this program reads all "table directory" entries in each "Offset Table" for each internal font. (OTF and TTF files have one internal font, TTC files have more than one.) The overall file checksum is calculated for OTF and TTF files, but not for TTC files. If all tested checksums are correct, then the total file is assumed to be correct.Requirements: Java 1.4 or later

Font Checksum 2 can be very useful as it ...

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