DTI Keeper v.1.0.1


You just spent a great deal of time to arrange the icons on your Windows desktop, and suddenly one of the following happens: 1. You change the screen resolution and some of the desktop icons are rearranged. 2. Some other program automatically changes the screen resolution without your knowledge, and your desktop icons are rearranged. 3. Your 3-year old kid drags icons around the desktop. 4. Your system crashes, and after the reboot your system rearranges your nicely-arranged desktop icons. 5. Anything that destroys your work of icon arrangement. You finally end up with rearranging all the desktop icons all over again. The worst part is that this nightmare may happen again. With DTI Keeper, the nightmare is over! DTI Keeper is an executable application program that saves your desktop icon positions, and when something happens and the desktop icons are rearranged, all you have to do is tell DTI Keeper to restore the saved icon positions and all the desktop icons are back to where they should be. You can save the desktop icon positions of the current screen resolution, or you can rearrange icons and save icon positions to different settings. With the ability to save to different settings, you can let all your family members have their own desktop icon arrangements. There are several options that enable you to change the behavior of DTI Keeper. The icon restoration results even remind you to update the icon positions if previously saved icons are missing, or new icons that are not in the selected setting.

You just spent a great deal of time to arrange ...

  • DTI Keeper
  • 1.0.1
  • Jerry Du
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 702 Kb
  • 202
  • $10.00

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