Auto Surfer Pro v.0.9.4


WhatA?s new? Multiple Auto Surfers option. Clickevolution is the default option but you can choose traffic exchange programmes from an option list. When new programmes become available - the list (your toolbar software) will be updated automatically If you have an older version you will have to unistall your present version before installing the new one. System requirements: Compatible with Windows98+ Internet Explorer 6.0 and later. The ultimate choice is Windows XP. We do not guarantee the toolbar works without problems in older versions of Windows. There is absolutely no spyware or any bad stuff associated with this software. The software has been tested for several weeks without any problems reported. However, no guarantees it will not cause problems with your system or conflict with other softwares. Auto Surfer toolbar is free, costs nothing. Advantages: 1). Less or no interruption due to server downtime or temporary connection issuses. If our server goes down, if a server software issue, if a ISP related connection issue, the toolbar will attempt restarting every 10 seconds and when issue resolves surfing will continue without you having to restart the surfpage manually again. Of course, if your own PC shuts down surfing also does. Any PC occasionally will stall - nothing but manual restart will help 2) No framebreakers since no surfframe. The target page url will show in your address bar instead of being captured inside the surfpage frame. If you are also using the Alexa Toolbar, this is of great importance when it comes to improve rankings for target sites. 3) Suppresses alert message windows like SSL windows and javascript alerts. 4) Enables you to surf with maximum Security turned on In IE click: Tools>>Interntet Options>>Security, set Security to High. That way a lot of interrupting, annoying and potentially harmful stuff are prevented from being executed. Like javascript etc.

WhatA?s new? Multiple Auto Surfers option. ...

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  • Auto Surfer Pro
  • 0.9.4
  • Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Freeware
  • 509 Kb
  • 893
  • Free

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