ProgramLaunch v.3.33


nitially made as a tool to circumvent the annoying start menu, this third generation is completely redesigned from scratch to improve flexibility and performance and make everyday use of the launcher as comfortable as possible.Managing the launchpad is simple and intuitive. Programs are added either through a dialog or by dragging links from Windows onto the launchpad. Organizing the programs is also done easily by dragging the icons and groups around.ProgramLaunch can assign one or more shortcuts for each icon. These are used for launching a program by one simple keystroke. If a shortcut key combination is assigned to multiple icons, a list is shown for selecting the which program needs launching.Modules can display detailed information using popup hints by hovering the mouse cursor over the image. Hints will fade in and out and update the information realtime.The userinterface is constructed using a small skinning engine allowing a completely custom look. A few standard skins are bundled to start with. More skins may come later depending on the available developer resources.ProgramLaunch includes multilingual support, allowing it instantly to change all texts in the user interface to a different language. Only a few languages are available a the moment, additional languages can be added given some help for translating the texts. Features This page lists the most important features of ProgramLaunch Version 3.33. Changes relative to the previous major release are marked with new and updated signs.L Simple and intuitive user interface skinned for an attractive lookL Horizontal and vertical layoutL Autohide controlled by mouse and keyboard L NEW User configurable hotspot areas L NEW Shortcut key for toggling autohideL Launches applications, documents and weblinksL Multiple shortcut keys are assignable for each iconL UPDATED Use any combination of control, shift, alt and Windows keys as modifiers**L NEW Icon and group accelerator keys using the &-letter and optionally assigned automatic by the programL Batch support for launching several programs with one commandL Shortcut key for focusing the launcher windowL NEW Configurable previous and next group shortcut keysL Managing contents through draggingL UPDATED Fast navigation through groups and icons using mouse wheelL Easy adding through drag'n'drop: L Applications L Documents L Shortcut files (.lnk/.pif/.url) L URL's directly from browsersL Supports following icon formats: L UPDATED Windows icons including Windows XP and Windows Vista format (.ico) L Extracts icons from program files (.exe/.dll) L Standalone Macintosh® icon files including OS X format (.icns) L Icons from MacBinary, AppleSingle and AppleDouble files L Macintosh® iContainers (.icontainer) L Windows bitmap format (.bmp) L JPEG and PNG formats (.jpg/.png) L Alpha transparency is used when availableL Modules with realtime information L Calendar L Battery monitor L Analog clock L Recycle binL Multithreaded updating of active modulesL Popup menus on some modules with relevant commandsL Fading hints on modules*L UPDATED Optional fading hints with program titles or comments*L Multilingual support with the following languages as default: L English L UPDATED German L UPDATED Dutch L Polish L Spanish L NEW Brazilian L NEW Chinese (simplified and traditionel) L Danish

nitially made as a tool to circumvent the ...

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