TTFQuery v.1.0.2


TTFQuery is a FontTools-based software for querying system fonts.TTFQuery builds on the FontTools package to allow the Python programmer to accomplish a number of tasks:* query the system to find installed fonts* retrieve metadata about any TTF font file (even those not yet installed)- abstract family type- proper font name- glyph outlines* build simple metadata registries for run-time font matchingWith these functionalities, it is possible to readily create OpenGL solid-text rendering libraries which can accept abstract font-family names as font specifiers and deliver platform-specific TTF files to match those libraries.TTFQuery doesn't provide rendering services, but a sample implementation can be found in the OpenGLContext project, from which TTFQuery was refactored.md5=c06717791913a906fd97e065085ada0f

TTFQuery is a FontTools-based software for ... FontTools-based package for querying system fonts ...

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