QR-Code Font and Encoder v.10.12


QR-Code Font and Encoder 10.12 is developed to be a comprehensive and advanced collection of components that generate QR-Code barcode symbols with fonts and graphics. QR-Code is a two-dimensional (2D) matrix type barcode symbology similar to Data Matrix and Aztec capable of encoding large amounts of data. The "QR" in the name refers to "Quick Response", as the inventor intended the symbol to be quickly decoded.The data encoded in a QR Code may include letters, text, numbers, double-byte characters, URLs and files. IDAutomation's QR-Code products supports byte, text and numeric encoding modes according to QR Code 2005 and ISO/IEC 18004:2006 specifications. IDAutomation recommends limiting the data encoded in each symbol to 800 characters or less if possible because some scanners and imagers do not easily decode large symbols.Functions:Create QR-Code 2D symbols from a single font.TrueType, OpenType, PostScript and PCL fonts are provided.Compatible with the Word Excel Add-In to create barcodes with 1 click.Supports many development applications including Crystal Reports, Microsoft® Access®, Excel, Word mail-merge, Java, Microsoft® Visual Studio®, .NET, C++ and VB 6.C#, C++ and Java source code are available.Compatible with both 32 and 64 bit systems, including Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7.Includes multiple QR Code font encoders and graphic encoders in a single package.Created directly from the AIM QR Code 2005 and ISO/IEC 18004:2006 specification.Royalty-free use is provided with all Developer License purchases.Uses IDAutomation Vertical Interleaved Technology™ with the Universal 2D barcode fontMajor Features:The advanced 2D QR Code barcode font uses IDAutomation Vertical Interleaved Technology™, which allows increased throughput and printing at small X dimensions. For example, the Hand Held Products 2D Imager scans symbols printed with the IDAutomation QR-Code font as small as 3 points, which is an X dimension of .025CM or 10 mils.Compatible with Crystal Reports 9 and above.Custom tilde functions allow an easy method to encode tab and returns between fields in a single symbol.Created directly from AIM QR Code 2005 and ISO/IEC 18004:2006 specifications.C#, C++ and Java source code for any single encoder may be provided with the purchase of the Unlimited Developer License and a signed source code license agreement.Multiple fonts are provided - When a license is purchased for the QR Code Font & Encoder, the customer will receive all versions in a single ZIP file. The manual is also supplied in a file named "readme" in the ZIP file. The following fonts are included:TrueType fonts are supplied in PC and Macintosh format. The TrueType TTF fonts are compatible with Macintosh OS X and all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Pocket PC. Macintosh formatted MTT TrueType fonts are compatible with Macintosh System 7.1 and above.OpenType OTF fonts with PostScript outlines are provided. These are compatible with Windows®, Macintosh OS X and other systems supporting the OpenType format.PostScript Type 1 fonts are supplied in binary, ASCII and Macintosh versions.Also included in this package are PCL 5 laserjet soft fonts from 2-14 points.The Developer License grants the right to convert IDAutomation fonts to other formats as necessary including TrueDoc and OpenType.Requirements:.NET Framework 1.1 or greater

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