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It provides an integrated graphical environment for viewing XML files, developing and testing XPath expressions against them and managing the expressions in file libraries. (Fig 1) Screenshot of SketchPath with XPath editor in 'Trace' mode. In this mode, a slider control or cursor keys are used to step through an XPath expression, alternatively you can simply click on the expression part directly. XPath EvaluationSketchPath uses the .NET System.Xml.XPath Query Evaluator for XPath 1.0 and uses Saxon.Net from Saxonica for XPath 2.0 evaluatation.XPath Query Features One of the many original features of this tool is the ability to (with a double-click) 'step into' any part of a complex XPath expression to resolve a specific part.XPath expressions can be created, imported, managed and saved as expression library files. These files are in an XML format.SketchPath supports compressed zip-format XML Packages as used by OOXML and ODF.SketchPath UsersThis tool should suit XSLT and XQuery developers at all levels or any developers or analysts who work with XPath. Location-Path generation features and an extensive Assist Pane are well-suited to those new to the XPath language. Equally, Intellisense, debugging and variable-handling features should help ease the workload for more experienced XPath users working with complex XPath expressions. What is SketchPath used for?Because of the ubiquity of XPath, and SketchPath's array of features it can be used in a vast range of different contexts. The following is just a small sample of contexts in which SketchPath is being used: * Enterprise Content Management * Business Process Modelling (BPEL) * Financial Product Integration (FPML) * Web Page Development * Web Scraping Configuration * XPath Learning * XML Processor Testing

It provides an integrated graphical ...

  • SketchPath
  • Philip Fearon
  • Win Vista, XP
  • Freeware
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