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Livespaces is an operating system for building advanced meeting spaces. It provides a distributed software infrastructure built on the Elvin messaging service (the Livespace Bus) for coordinating software and devices across any number of computers in meeting space, and user-facing applications for controlling a smart meeting room and collaborating with other participants. Livespaces also supports federation with remote Livespaces to facilitate collaboration between distributed teams.Livespaces might be of interest to you if:* You wish to enhance a meeting space.* You want to develop distributed, coordinated applications using an flexible asynchronous bus architecture.The Livespaces operating system consists of:* Services for controlling devices in a meeting space, such as lights, video switches, projectors, audio mixers, etc.* Multimedia services supporting automated multi-media presentations (aka Meta Applications).* A kiosk-style panel for central control of Livespace-enabled rooms (Ignite).* Collaborative applications for users of a Livespace. Includes a distributed clipboard, Livepoint remote mouse control, screen sharing, an information repository, and collaborative document editing.* A distributed information space known as the Livespace Bus on which all the Livespace distributed services communicate.* A centralised software deployment and configuration system based on OSGi.* A federation system allowing multiple spaces to be connected.Here are some key features of "Livespaces":?’A· The Livespace Bus, a distributed data object-based system, is used to control all devices, services and applications in a Livespace room.?’A· Many device control services, including lighting (e.g. Clipsal C-Bus), projectors, audio/video switching, and other RS-232 or TCP/IP-controllable devices.?’A· All services can be integrated and automated using the Meta Applications and Sessions systems. This includes preset room setups and automated presentations.?’A· A centralised OSGi-based software component deployment and configuration system.?’A· Groupware applications such as screen sharing for sending any screen display to any other, Livepoint for controlling remote screens, a shared clipboard, and document editing (TeamThink).?’A· Supports federation with other Livespaces, facilitating remote group collaboration.?’A· Free Software (GPL/LGPL).

Livespaces is an operating system for building ... An operating environment to support advanced meeting spaces ...

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