VOIP H323 DLL SDK v.1.5


VOIP H323DLL Soft Phone SDK brings H.323 protocol support for ActiveX. With this SDK one can create a simple program to connect and start speaking with anyone with a direct IP Address or use the Gateway or the Gatekeeper to connect to /or from PSTN lines. Now VOIP open source projects have made it easier to implement a customized VOIP Solution eliminating costly PSTN lines. Though this implementation might turn out fairly complex our VOIP Implementation Team at Research-Lab will guide you remotely for the same. SDK Features: * IP-Address based direct local connectivity within LAN * Microsoft NetMeeting Compatible * Play and Record Wave File * Gateway Specification with/without Login * Gatekeeper Specification with/without Login * Proxy/Firewall support for Version 2.0 [i.e. for Registered Users] * Voice/Ring Volume Adjustment [i.e. for Registered Users] * Save a conversation to a wave file [i.e. for Registered Users] * Easily Create a Answering Machine * Easily Create a Interactive Voice Response * Easily Create a Professional Call Center

VOIP H323DLL Soft Phone SDK brings H.323 ...

  • 1.5
  • Research Lab Inc
  • Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 5.21 Mb
  • 353
  • $399.00

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