Qubladi Beta v.1.0


Qubladi is a PyQt front end for hcitool, sdptool and rfcomm. It allows you to scan for bluetooth devices and their services, and then to connect to those services through a rfcomm connection. Once done that, you can use for example KPPP to connect to the internet through your cell phone by bluetooth (using the /dev/rfcomm* device).Developer commentsIt is usable (it works for me, that is the reason why i decided to do it), but needs some work to be a production app. If someone is interested in improving it, or has some feedback, please contact me.Also, if somebody is interested in collaborate (translating, coding, designing icons, or suggesting ideas), post a comment.

Qubladi is a PyQt front end for hcitool, ... Qt Bluetooth Attach Device ...

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