IMCapture for Skype (Windows) v.1.4.37

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IM Capture For Skype- Easy Option To Record Skype Audio And Video Calls

Introduction To IM Capture For Skype
IMCapture for Skype catches and records sound and video calls established from Skype. This software package is the best tool that will aid in precisely making a copy of Skype video calls and Skype audio calls on Windows. A couple of clicks pass on to you superior recorded Skype files and the power to set in motion conversion in real time. IMCapture for Skype includes complete latest characteristics for convenient employment for simple Skype recording. This Skype recording software package tailor-made for Windows is in all probability the most childlike and concurrently dependable tool to captivate Skype dialogues. All you need is to click the Record Video or Record Audio button to begin with and Stop recording button once the Skype call is complete. the recording process sets in motion by default as soon as the Skype call is originated and the broadcast will mechanically record Skype video and audio. Record Skype audio phone call and save it in MP3 or WMA or AAC formats and skyped video might be saved up and then exchanged into one of the most fashionable formats such as MOV, MPEG4, MPEG, VOB, PSP, SWF and FLV, so you will be able to regularize the caliber and size of your transcriptions.

Benefits Of Skype IM Capture
Internet Skype interviews would economize the employer’s and employee’s time. Nobody could retain everything in mind always, and so you with IMCapture for Skype tool will be able to brush up every candidate anytime later on with lawless brain and make fairish selection. IMCapture for Skype enables you to employ the saved Skype calls to perfect your telephone display skills. Skype call recorder makes it feasible to particularize the codec parametric quantity for a finer audio and picture quality; therefore you will never be frustrated with the final result. IMCapture for Skype is compatible with all Windows applications and is elementary for everyone to assemble, configure with Skype and with success catch Skype calls. The Preferences window grants you to enable auto record of your Skype conversations in addition to indicate the end product folder where your entire recoded files will be saved in. You are able to see recorded Skype calls, share with acquaintances or co-workers, archive, exchange and everything you are habituated to do.

Key Features
IMCapture for Skype for Windows backs up new Skype version and hence you are able to employ just the most recent technologies in the cyberspace. At present you do not require to downgrade Skype to employ IMCapture. Be it a group discussion call or a family blab out, IMCapture for Skype all of the time comes to your help. Just about all the customers discover this mighty software package irreplaceable both in day-to-day living and business enterprise surroundings. The minimalistic user interface permits you to save Skype audio and video sessions instantaneously. Due to the reflexive recording characteristic enclosed, you will not leave out any particular during family dialogue or business organization topics, because IMCapture for Skype allows you to establish recording procedure by default option. IMCapture for Skype software comes unpacked with the converter volunteering to build recoded Skype calls as one of the favorite sound and video formats. That program secures polish decryption causing your saved files mixable with all common Macintosh players. The integrated worry-free transition is exacted to be 2 click procedures by right as it is established instantly just after the Skype conversation is recoded. Quick changeover companioned by advanced performance will undoubtedly win your affection. Producing the record of your internet communication, IMCapture for Skype saves all substantial particulars allowing for no subtlety aside. This renders you the potentiality of breaking down conversations anytime afterwards. Playback possibility forks out more inside information crucial for future day reference. Concentrating on high character, IMCapture for Skype, forks out pureness of picture and audio quality. You might accommodate the turnout sound and picture settings at wish by correcting codec and bit rate resolution. The possibility to raise the audio and picture caliber manually encounters necessities of the strictest clients.

Recording Skype calls in a jiffy, advanced video and audio quality settings, track down of all the conversations, trouble free conversation even while recording calls, high level performance and a host of added functions are some of the advantages that makes IM Capture for Skype a favorite tool to possess for avid Skype users.

Final Verdict
If you love to record Skype audio and video sessions, option to record Skype calls manually or automatically and also would like the software to be user friendly, then IMCapture for Skype software tool has all that you are looking for.

Publisher's Description

IMCapture for Skype captures and records audio and video calls made from Skype. Recorded audio calls are saved as MP3 audio files and video calls as AVI. Calls can be replayed, shared, archived, or studied. SkypeCap is valuable for business, a practical tool for everyday and very easy to use. Get a free trial version of IMCapture for Skype today.

Wouldn't you love to stop time and take a minute to catch up? It's nearly impossible to take notes during a call session and keep up with the conversation. Stay in the conversation and keep the discussion moving when the Skype call is recorded with SkypeCap. Do you wish you could be in two places at once? With Skypecap call recorder software you can make that 3pm sales call in person and not miss a word of the 3pm conference call. When the Skype conference call is recorded and saved with SkypeCap, you simply watch and listen to the recorded call later, when it's convenient for you.

Skype calls recorded with IMCapture for Skype can be referenced again and again. Video and audio calls are saved and can be converted in into several different file formats. Use the saved calls to hone your phone presentation skills. A saved conference call can be distributed to anyone who missed the original call. Sales calls and interviews can be saved and more carefully reviewed later.

IMCapture for Skype records your Skype calls for you. It's so easy now to record your call, listen to it later, and save it forever. Download IMCapture for Skype today.

IMCapture for Skype is a valuable business tool.

Record important conference calls.
Distribute saved calls to your organization.
Use the recorded call as the meeting call report.

IMCapture for Skype is great for personal use.

Record audio Skype calls from far away loved ones.
Share recorded calls with family and friends.
Playback important calls to get all the details.

Skype Call Recorder for Windows. IMCapture for Skype - captures and records video and audio calls made from Skype for Windows OS. Use IMCapture to record your call now. Share the file created by IMCapture later. Save important calls forever.

imcapture call recorder for skype, imcapture records video and audio made from skype

  • IMCapture for Skype (Windows)
  • 1.4.37
  • 01 Jul 13
  • IMCapture
  • WinXP, WinVista, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows Vista
  • Shareware
  • 14.13 Mb
  • 842
  • $49.95

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