Diva hardware and software features v.1.0

List of hardware and software features of Diva PCI and PCIe adapters

List of hardware and software features of Diva ...

  • Diva hardware and software features
  • 1.0
  • diva4gpl
  • Windows
  • Freeware
  • 240
  • Free

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Other software of diva4gpl
  • divaapifs  v.1.0FUSE based high level interface for scripting languages for Linux Diva API ...

New Telephony software
  • Fax Voip Softphone  v.3.1.1Fax Voip Softphone - SIP/H.323 software telephone. Call Recording. Playing audio messages into the telephone line. Sending and Receiving T.38 and Audio Faxes. Music on Hold. Call Transfer. Call Forwarding. Phone Book. Log Book. Random Phone Calls.
  • AsterSwitchboard free  v. is an operator panel for Asterisk PBX running on MS Windows clients ...
  • Fax Voip Windows Fax Service Provider  v.2.3.1Enables Microsoft Fax and Windows Fax and Scan, which are built right into Windows, to send and receive T.38 and audio (over G.711 codec) faxes using VoIP (SIP or H.323). Mail to Fax. Routing Extension: E-mail, Store in folder, Print, Custom.
  • Cydia Install  v.10.3.2Cydia download on iOS 10.3. devices users can use Online Pangu Jailbreak tool. With the help of Pangu jailbreak tool users can easily to Jailbreak their iOS 10.3.2 devices and to download cydia on iOS 10.3.2 devices ...
  • Demitasse  v.1.0For now, you should probably visit http://sipp.sourceforge.net to learn about SIPp. No work has been done yet here. Demitasse - (French, "half cup") a small cup used to serve Arabian coffee or espresso. You should probably "SIP" it slowly.
  • Face to Voice  v.1.0A client-side library for secure voice conference.