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Get Notified Immediately When A Call Arrives With CallClerk Caller ID Software
Introduction To CallClerk
If you are looking for an easy to use but sophisticated software that will do much more than just letting you know who is calling you, then CallClerk Caller ID Software is the right one for you. The software is well designed that it will immediately alert you either by a fax or an e-mail with the message that was left over by the caller. Employ it as an answering machine, facsimile machine to instantly e-mail you once you get a call.  CallClerk can update an online Page feeding you admittance to your directory, calls in, contents, and facsimiles from almost anyplace. If you employ MS Outlook, CallClerk Caller ID Software can crop up the telephone caller’s Outlook contact card and a related Outlook daybook entry. It can help shield your phone calls by exhibiting you caller id information, declaring the caller's name and fathoming a distinguishing ring tone. It besides automatically hangs-up on uninvited callers. Additionally, online reverse number searches and other programs can be executed as a new call arrives.

Important And Attractive Features
The CallClerk Caller ID software is outstanding for dealing your phone calls while you are busy or on tour and want to recognize who is phoning you. You have the option to send yourself mobile phone text content, including the caller id information, as a phone call comes and will also send out a Tweet to your Twitter account as soon as you receive a ring. The application program permits you to know who's phoning prior to you picking up the earpiece. You are able to view a customizable caller id show window with the name, phone number and an image of your caller, Listen to your computer herald the caller's name and voice a characteristic ring for every caller. The software has the ability to mechanically blank out uninvited calls. The caller id freezing is supported on community resubmit on nuisance callers, secluded list of names or phone numbers to bar. You also can optionally play a 'Take me off your calling list' content, and a specialized tone that might fritter away some auto-dial software into thinking your telephone line is not linked.

You are provided with the alternative of releasing your telephone directory and phone call history to your personal password secure internet site so that you will be able to access your list of calls, contents and facsimiles from just about anywhere. The software system will not barricade additional software programs from performing its chore while it is serving a call. CallClerk can dial a phone number you have in your clipboard or one you have picked out in Internet Explorer or Firefox. This software package is highly convenient when you are browsing the internet and would like to dial a phone number from an internet page or a Speed Dial list or from the telephone directory or history backlogs or  the last number picked up or dialed as well as from the phone number that you key.  CallClerk Caller ID Software offers a directory and call history log that is both seeable and printable. You are able to store your directory and history log to comma separated value files, which successively you will be able to interpret utilizing many different software system programs including spreadsheets. If you have a domicile or business enterprise web CallClerk can supervise your telephone line from a personal computer and report caller id info to all the other personal computers in your network. You are besides provided with  the choice to maintain track of phone calls picked up and placed, in your computer’s Windows application program Log, self- detect whenever your modem defends caller id, sound and/or facsimile functionality and portion out your computer’s modem with extra software program.

There are plenty of positives that Call Clerk Caller ID software offers you. You will be able to have the program set up so it would instantly do a reversion search on Google or any online reverse directory service you prefer. It endorses a lot of methods to send word to you of a call so that you will never omit any phone calls. The CallClerk software is virtually well-matched with all modems and the easiest to configure. You will get a ringing alert on your computer speaker upon incurring a call.

As there are plenty of options that are made available in the menu, it looks a little bit congested at times. The software lacks better organization structure. You can customize your answering machine messages with only .wav file formats and cannot have your personal message recorded in mp3 format.

Final Verdict
If you are having trouble daily with phone pests and would not like the telemarketers to disturb you with phone calls every now and then, then you need to protect your phones with Call Clerk Caller ID software that will provide you total control of your telephone line. The software is considered to be much more superior in performance to its competitors.

Publisher's Description

CallClerk is an easy to use program that lets you know who is calling on the phone in more ways than you may have thought possible. When a call arrives it can immediately notify you by e-mail attaching the message or fax that was left. CallClerk can also update a web page giving you access to your directory, calls, messages and faxes from virtually anywhere. The program can even send a tweet to your Twitter account or post to your Facebook account.

CallClerk can also help screen your calls by showing you the caller's caller id info, announcing their name and sounding a distinctive ring. It can also automatically block unwanted callers (like telemarketers) using your own private list of blocked callers as well as optionally with the help of a community database of nuisance callers. In addition CallClerk can perform internet reverse number look ups and run other programs can be run as a new call arrives.

CallClerk can additionally record your phone calls. It has many dial-out features including speed dialing, clipboard dialing and dialing from Internet Explorer and Firefox.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, CallClerk can popup the caller’s Outlook contact card.

CallClerk can report calls to all PCs on your home or office network.

Its a great tool for automatically screening your calls and keeping you in touch with who has called.

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  • CallClerk Caller ID Software
  • 5.8.5
  • 01 Jan 17
  • Rob Latour (CallClerk)
  • Win10 x32, Win10 x64, Win8 x32, Win8 x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP
  • Shareware
  • 7.84 Mb
  • 1673
  • $39.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
5.8.5 01.01.2017 tweaks and improvements
5.0.2 15.12.2012 reduced recording delay after the beep
5.0 29.09.2012 CallClerk now supports Custom Caller ID Types, also e-mail notifications will now be queued if internet is down when you get a phone call, other improvements and tweaks
4.3.3 17.06.2012 improved outlook import wizard for UK clients
4.2.4 01.01.2012 various tweaks and improvements
4.2.2 01.11.2011 various tweaks

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