Affiliate Price Comparisons Plus Script v.6.1


Bulk import products from any affiliate product data feed Comparisons Plus Script includes the powerful Magic Parser library (written by the same author) to enable importing of products from just about any affiliate product feed file format, including all variants of CSV (comma, pipe, tab separated values etc.) and any custom XML vocabulary.

Simple filtering mechanism to modify data upon import (e.g. search and replace) There may be situations in which you need to make changes to data during the import process. A common example is where the Buy URL in the product feed does not contain your affiliate URL and requires you to prefix the URL with a tracking link. Alternatively, you might need to perform a search and replace on the Buy URL to convert a placeholder into your affiliate ID.

Category and Product grouping to match up product lines between merchants It is common for slightly different variations of the same product and category names to be used by different merchants. For example, one merchant may use Televisions, whilst another uses TVs. Category and Product mapping lets you match up alternative category and product names to a single master category or product name of your choice. Product mapping (added since this screenshot was taken) works in exactly the same way.

Append contents of additional fields to product description Whilst almost all affiliate data feeds contain a description field, it is common for additional information such as a delivery charge to be provided in a separate field. Comparisons Plus Script lets you pad out the description of each product using data from any other field in the product record, and you can use a prefix to describe the field if necessary.

Automatic Google Sitemap generation The Google Sitemaps service enables webmasters to provide a database of URLs (using an XML vocabulary) for use by search engines to assist with the indexing of large sites. One major benefit of the Sitemaps service is the a

Affiliate Price Comparisons Plus Script. Price Comparison Plus Script is a php/mysql based comparison site where visitors can compare products from different merchants before buying them.

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  • Affiliate Price Comparisons Plus Script
  • 6.1
  • Sincope, Inc.
  • Linux
  • Commercial
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