Reformat Text Document File Reformatter and text wrapper v.9.0


Do you have a text file, or multiple text files that you need reformatted? Do you have a newsletter that you need to send out, but only want to send out 80 characters per line to make sure that people can read the document correctly? Do you need to reformat your text documents period? If so, then then this software is for you! With this text reformatter, you can: Save time by automatically reformatted text documents instead of doing it manually Save even more time, by selecting any number of Text files that you want converted (including recursive searching and adding of files) Save time yet again, by convert the files in batch (so you don t need to wait long times) Easily get the newsletter or documents looking how you want them to look, by specifying the number of characters per line, or the number of words per line that you want listed Plus much more! Start using this software now and save yourself a lot of time, and easily reformat all the text documents that you want to at once! Download this software tool for free online now! Enjoy!

Reformat Text Document File Reformatter and. Reformat Text Document File Reformatter and text wrapper Software ...

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